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I know I’m not in the Pagan community anymore, but I think I just discovered the Pagan version of Godwin’s Law: bringing up the Burning Times during an argument.


Avoiding Tumblr because:

a) I’m on vacation, visiting my mom in Detroit;
b) I don’t have Internet access, other than on my phone;
c) I can’t watch any new Sherlock until after the 5th, when I get home.

Now to go dig myself out of Winter Storm Hercules. Aloha.


1. What do you love the most in the whole world? It can be anything. An item, a person, a piece of media, a belief, etc.

Food: it’s universal. We all gotta eat. If not that, then books.

2. If you could pick one guilty pleasure what would it be?

I’m not ashamed of any of the things from which I derive pleasure, but if you pushed the issue, I’d say my occasional fast-food indulgence. (Sense a pattern forming here?)

3. What are you scared of?

Failure and disappointment.

4. What is your proudest accomplishment so far?

Earning my MA in Asian Studies.

5. What is a piece of media that has changed your life? Comic, film, artwork, book, album, song etc.

Nine Inch Nails’ The Downward Spiral (though The Fragile gets an honorable mention).

6. What is something you get nostalgic over, every. time.?

Cartoons and music from the ’80s and early ’90s.

7. Who’s a figure in history that you’ve always been fascinated by and why? 

It changes often. I follow a few history Tumblrs, so I’m always encountering interesting people. Off the top of my head, though, Harriet Tubman was a fuckin’ badass. And I wish we knew more about Murasaki Shikibu.

8. What do you think were the formative years of your life so far and why?

Get back to me in ten years.

9. When was a time you thought life kicked you down, and another time when life picked you up?

First year of grad school; second year of grad school. First year, I’d just moved to Hawaii and was homesick, despite enjoying living here; my Japanese was not at the level it should have been, so I failed a class (rather, didn’t get credit because I took it credit/no credit); money was tight and jobs weren’t forthcoming; and I went through yet another short, failed relationship. Second year, I went to Japan for the first time; found a cheaper apartment and a mostly cool roommate; successfully defended my thesis and presented it at two academic conferences; attended an international Asian Studies conference and made a good friend; and graduated on time.

10. Tell me about a vivid childhood memory. Good, bad, neutral…doesn’t matter as long as it’s vivid.

Before bed every night, my dad used to vacuum out the bad dreams from my head and replace them with good dreams (complete with comical suction noises).

11. How are you? :D No but really, how have you been?

Doing all right, working on better.

I’m really not the tagging type, so if you want to do this, great. Just tag me so I can see what you wrote. Here are my questions:

1. What does home mean to you?

2. What dish or dishes are you really good at preparing? If you don’t cook, what would you like to learn to make?

3. What’s your favorite word?

4. What’s your comfort movie (a movie you put on to relax or feel better, or that just makes you feel good in general)?

5. What’s your ideal road trip?

6. Did you or will you attend your high school reunion? How was it/how do you think it will be?

7. Is there a story behind your name? Are you named after someone?

8. If you could change one physical feature, what would it be?

9. Favorite pie flavor? If pie isn’t your thing, what’s your favorite cake? (Or any favorite dessert.)

10. When you go on vacation, what has more bearing on deciding where you go: food or scenery?

11. What’s your favorite museum? What’s your favorite feature in said museum (exhibit, work of art, etc.)?


God, I hate Facebook.

I post about preparing for Tropical Storm Flossie, in part so that what little family I do follow on FB will know how I’m doing. Right away, some chucklehead with whom I haven’t spoken in years and whose status updates I have unfollowed (but whom I have not unfriended) says “prepared to be flossed.”

Har har. Google “Hurricane Iniki” sometime and see if you still find tropical storms funny.


*peeks in on Sherlock fandom* Oh my. 

*retreats into Hannibal fandom, where it’s all cute dogs and flower crowns and good-lookin’, talented people… and gruesome death tableaux and psychological fuckery and cannibalism*


No, really, I cannot tell you how tired I am of “I’m not in this fandom, but…” posts.


Newest pet peeve: “I don’t watch the show, but I like the fandom.”

Bonus pet-peeve points for creating fanworks for such fandoms (super bonus if these are items for sale).


Thanks to my neighbor, I am currently the living embodiment of [muffled rap music playing in the distance].


I am so tired of “I don’t even watch this show, but…” posts.


I have two days to fill a Johnlock prompt, and I have writer’s block. My prompt is a line of dialogue: “I think this may very well kill me.” I’d like to write something that deals at least in part with their first few weeks living together, but nothing is really coming to mind. Ugh. How do I words?